Mission Statement

The Wilkes Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a volunteer based organization made up of parents, legal guardians, faculty and staff of Captain Charles Wilkes Elementary School.  Wilkes PTO sponsors assistance to teachers in the classroom setting, raises funds for supplemental educational materials and experiences, supports school and family social interaction, and provides a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children.  Our mission is to foster a positive learning climate, which encourages academic and social growth for all Wilkes students.

What We Do

Coordinate volunteers to support our school

Facilitate community service projects and inclusive enrichment activities

Host community-building events for families

Share information with families and support school and family interaction

Raise funds to support educational materials, programs, resources, and experiences

2019-20 Board Members

Co-presidents: Jennifer Cannon & Christy Remedios (wilkes.president@bainbridgeptos.org)
Treasurer: Katie Wilson, Assistant Treasurer: Pontea Smithson
Secretary: Holly McIver
Communications: Elissa Brown
Volunteer Coordinators: Teresa Yette (wilkes.volunteers@bainbridgeptos.org)
Enrichment: Kelly Cancialosi
Building Leadership Team Liaison: Amy McFarland
Member at Large: TBD
Jog-a-thon Chair: Honora Gerbeck

Grade and Program Reps

Pre-K: Dylan Morgan
Kindergarten: Sarah Mann
Grade 1: Wendy Corelis
Grade 2: Bobbi Jones
Grade 3: Karen Walker
Grade 4: Lori Wert