“Thank you so much for funding our trip to ASCD! I feel rejuvenated, inspired, and excited. Having these opportunities is such an important way to grow, reignite the fire for new knowledge, and renew the commitment to being the best educator I can be. We are all so appreciative!”  

Maria Kuffel
Maria KuffelWilkes Early Childhood Coordinator/School Psychologist

“Thank you for funding our trip to Boston.  The conference inspired me to try new questioning strategies that will be useful in all subjects, help students be more engaged through new participation strategies, and  plan for problem and project based learning in the classroom.”

Kelly Pellegrino
Kelly Pellegrino Wilkes 1st/2nd Multiage Teacher

“I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the ASCD Boston conference!  I especially loved the 2 sessions I attended on strengthening student engagement and I cannot wait to begin charting a course to the next learning adventure.  Wilkes is made an even more special place with your generosity.”

Lisa Wood
Lisa WoodWilkes 3rd Grade Teacher

“I feel so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to go the conference in Boston!  I came back inspired, empowered, and so excited to be back in the classroom. I loved hearing the dynamic speakers and attending sessions that speak to what I am passionate about and what I seek to learn more about.  Not only was the conference itself fantastic, I had such a wonderful time being in such an awesome, historic city and bonding with my co-workers. We had so many rich conversations about what we each took away and how we can transfer that learning back into Wilkes.  Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!”

Amy Nordstrom
Amy NordstromWilkes Kindergarten Teacher

“There really is no way to express how thankful I am for being given such an opportunity. Attending this exceptional conference has inspired me to try new things, challenged me to re-think the strategies I am using, and invigorated me to help all staff at Wilkes reap the benefits of such amazing presentations and speakers. Thank you PTO for all that you do and especially for sending us on this learning adventure!!”

Kristin Collins
Kristin CollinsWilkes 3/4 Multiage Teacher

“Thanks Wilkes PTO for providing such an incredible opportunity to attend the ASCD conference in Boston!  I came home recharged and invigorated with ideas to spark curiosity, fuel deeper learning, and continue to support the whole child.  In the words of Manny Scott, one of our keynote speakers, “Everything we hope to accomplish in our schools must pass through the door of relationships” and I am so grateful for your supporting teachers, like myself, to experience such phenomenal professional development, so that we can empower today’s students with the skills they need to lead successful and joyful lives.”

Tamra Hauge
Tamra HaugeWilkes 3/4 Multiage Teacher