PTO meeting minutes for January 13, 2017


In attendance: Lisa Kastner, Alicia Bye, Courtney Cook, Janel Drugge, Rayna Labine, Megan Livingston, Patricia Intihar, Ann Browning, Kimberly Lafferty, Tara Hilgers, Emily Mockett, Lindsay Browning, Amii Pratt, Amy Erickson, Barb Kittell, Katie Wilson.




Approval of October and November PTO meeting minutes

-Motion by Alicia Bye to approve the meeting minutes, second by Ann Browning, all approved, no opposed.  Minutes approved.

-All PTO meeting minutes will be posted to the PTO website as soon as it is up and running (est. later this month)


Auction-Merchant donation letters-Alicia Bye

Auction donations are at about 20%, which is normal for this time of the year. Passing out donation letters to be distributed to local businesses.


Auction – Update-Lindsay Browning

-Meeting for all volunteers Friday, Jan 20th at 9:00 in the Wilkes library, if you can not attend, please contact Janel Drugge for more information on how you can still help:

-If anyone is still having trouble purchasing tickets through RSA, please contact Megan Livingston:

-PTO website still under construction, however, the auction “tab” should be in full working order at this time.  Auction invitations should be sent out on or near the 20th of January.


Principal Report- Amii Pratt

-Thank you letter received from helpline house for the food donations via the food drive.

-Introduction of the CAST/GEiT system that is in place within our school

CAST (collaborative academic support team) is meant to meet the needs of every single student in the school by using a MTSS (multidisciplinary system of support)

CAST meets every 6 weeks to discuss any concerns of any student (100% of the students are a part of this level of intervention)

GEiT (General Educational Intervention)–if the concern is not resolved after 6 weeks, the concern moves to this team (20-30% of students are a part of this level of intervention)

MDT (multidisciplinary team)-if the concern is not resolved with the GEiT, the concern reaches this level of intervention (10-12% of students are part of this level of intervention)

This system endures that no student is left to “fall through the cracks”

This system is funded in through the building budget, PTO funds, and BSF funds.

-Enrollment in BISD is down almost 500 students, Wilkes enrollment has actually increased.

-May see more recruitment efforts to get students into public schools.

-High number of vacations this year during the school year, principal to address.


The Great Kindness Challenge– Amy Erickson

4 days of activities for students in the lunchroom (random acts of kindness table, spinning wheel with ideas, helping hands tree, thank you card writing, gratitude rock making, checklist turn-in on Friday)

Tuesday, Jan 17th-Taproots assembly

Friday, Jan 20th-Homegrown assembly

More information sent home with each child


School Levies– Anna Stein

BIPSS (Bainbridge Island Public School Supporters) helping to pass upcoming levy renewals.

-Educational Programs and Operations Levy provides 22% of current operational budget for the school district. (including teacher salaries, special education classes, building utilities, and activities)

-Technology Levy currently provides 1% of the budget for the school district and supports the emergency contact system and wireless internet within the schools.

Both levy’s are up for renewal, will last 4 years, and will need 50%+1 votes to pass.  Voter turn out also needs to be at least 40% of that of the last election in order for the levy’s to pass.

-More information available on the BIPSS website ( and Facebook page


-Motion made by Ann Browning for the PTO board to endorse the levies via BIPSS. Motion seconded by Lisa Kastner, all in favor on the board, no one opposed.  Motion passed.


Treasurer Report – Ann Browning

-Half of the year’s budget has been spent so far, currently on budget and projected to stay on budget for the rest of the year.

Please see budget handouts for more detailed information. Budget is also posted in the front of the school.


President’s Report-Lindsay Browning

-New PTO bulletin format that can be more easily sent out to entire school is in place, please provide information to Karen Walker as needed

-Sarah Mann still working on PTO website

-Wilkes spirit wear discussion-possibly do a giant order and have items for sale at the beginning of the school year (similar to Sakai), possibly reach out to Joanna Arndt.

-PTOCC meeting last week (Jan 5th, 2017) highlights: Superintendent listening tour has ended; the welfare of the students was the top priority, also addressing risky behaviors.  Healthy Youth Alliance to work with the PTO’s in the future, Levy vote on Feb 14th, 2017, Rally at the capitol on Monday, Jan 16th.  Please see the BISD website for more information.  Bainbridge Schools Foundation Gala on Feb 11th.  Please see BSF website for more information.




MARCH 11, 2017-KIANA LODGE **mark your calendar now****


Next Auction meeting Jan 20th 9:00am in the Wilkes Library everyone welcome.


Next PTO meeting Friday, February 10th, 2017 at 9:00am in the Wilkes Library everyone welcome.