PTO meeting minutes for March 24, 2017


In attendance: Kelly Cancialosi, Vicki White, Katie Wilson, Patricia Intihar,  Alicia Bye, Lindsay Browning, Amii Pratt, Janel Drugge, Soomie Ahn, Karen Walker, Jenifer Standish, Rayna Labine, Courtney Cook, Megan Livingston, Ann Browning, Lisa Kastner,  Amanda Grossman


Welcome-Lindsay Browning


Approval of Feb meeting minutes

-Motion by Alicia Bye to approve the meeting minutes, second by Janel Drugge, all approved, no opposed.  Minutes approved.


Volunteers of the month-Lindsay Browning

Megan Livingston, Alicia Bye, Lindsay Browning


Principal’s Report- Amii Pratt

Auction-staff very much appreciates the work put into the auction, thank you for successful event.

-April word of the month “gratitude”

-New thoughts on the volunteer thank you tea (will be different this year)

– All technology will be treated as a “phone” (i.e. apple watch, other texting devices) and must remain in student’s backpack during the day

-Smarter Balanced Assessment to start in April, schedule sent in email to entire school, 3 weeks of testing, no opt outs as of today.

-Parking: no more parking on the grassy area near the bus parking please, neighbors are complaining about being able to see around parked cars, pipes are being affected.

-Morning drop off: driver must stay in the car, if you need to walk your child in, please park in a parking spot.

-Signs, parking volunteers, need something to improve the process


-District Budget committee- $2.1 million needed to be cut at this point.  Wilkes to be staffed almost equally next year with new proposed cuts. Wilkes has the highest enrollment of the three elementary schools within the district. Please refer to budget hand out for possible budget reductions. Please also see the district information regarding the budget:


President’s Report-Lindsay Browning

-Positive feedback was received for thanking all of the Wilkes volunteers at the auction.

-Assembly today: toymaker related to math with follow up tonight (cost of $6 is actual cost, no funds to PTO for this event), please arrive at 6pm if volunteering




-Think about your role on PTO for next year-

Lindsay has accepted PTOCC president for next year, and will need a co-president for next year at Wilkes.

Need a new Treasurer (Ann will be available for one more year to consult)


Treasurer’s Report-Ann Browning

Currently on budget and predicted to stay that way for the rest of the year.

Please see budget hand out/posted budget

Auction: expenses close to $23K, plus $3-$4K for credit card use, $113 intake, which means auction made approximately $86K for the PTO budget for next year.


Upcoming Volunteer Needs-Amanda Grossman

Yearbook (need project manager, Lindsay and Megan will take classroom photos to add to photos already taken)

Spirit wear- Katie W. volunteers to work with Joanna A on this

Spring BBQ- Kelly C to coordinate-reserve shelter for June 2, 5-7pm, check with school calendar.

Bingo night-May 12th:Marissa W. and Melissa B. to coordinate


Questions and New Business-

Auction debrief meeting will take place after Spring Break : what does fund raising look like in the future?


Next PTO meeting Friday, April 21st at 9am Wilkes Library