PTO meeting minutes for November 18, 2016

In attendance: Lisa Kastner, Jennifer Standish, Sarah Mann, Alicia Bye, Courtney Cook, Soomie Ahn, Janel Drugge, Teresa yette, Rayna Labine, Megan Livingston, Patricia  Intihar, Ann Browning, Kimberly Lafferty, Ryan Phasouk, Susan Murray, Lousana Campagna, Sue Korol-Borrevih, Tara Hilgers, Emily Mockett, Kylie Stanton-Hicks, Leif Stanton-Hicks, Lindsay Browning, Amii Pratt, Trine Targett


Earthquake drill and emergency preparedness-Luke Carpenter (Fire Department) and Trevor Ziemba (police department)

-Have been practicing drills (act of violence and earthquake) for last 3 years

-Excellent communication between school officials, police and fire

-First time talking with PTO/parents in this capacity-need for good communication/dissemination of information with parents is vital

-Practicing with drills will help everyone know exactly what to do (like wearing a seatbelt)

-Most importantly in an emergency situation, know that your children will be taken care of-those that are safe will be kept safe, those that were affected will be treated.

-Police are part of our community, be welcoming to them, they will be stopping by schools even when there is no emergency so students get to know them.

-To stay informed when there is an emergency, get text message updates-

***Text 888-777 then type in your zip code (98110) to receive text message updates from COBI (no ads, only info from city, fire, and police)

-Pick up free blue address signs at the Madison fire station so that emergency vehicles can see find your home in an emergency

-Preparedness: keep your home prepared: visit for more info

-E-prep chair and committee may be a new position on PTO to help with:

Registering Wilkes parents that are medically trained, making sure the emergency food and water supply is not expired, helping with communication plan for the parents

-Make sure your emergency contact card is up to date with as many names as possible, this is what is used in an emergency – can update through Liz in the office

-Most drills students are completely out of the building in 3 minutes, this drill everyone was out in 6 minutes (included pre-k class)

-Procedure in place to make sure all students are accounted for (red /green card)


Principal Report

The school continues to prepare for emergencies, will discuss further at next meeting


Approval of October meeting minutes

-moved to December meeting


PTO volunteers of the month- Courtney Cook, Lisa Kastner



President’s Report-Lindsay Browning

-Coffee chats with all PTO room reps starting in Dec or Jan

-Harvest Fair was a success 180+ entries, food drive over 400 lbs. of food collected so far, new families request more information/photos as to what they should make/do

-Newsletter via email and hard copy sent home with all students

-PTO website to be updated shortly (Sarah Man)

-Enrichment activities coming up this year: (Vicki White)

Dec 16: Pacific Science Center assembly and exhibits about blood and guts

Jan 17: Taproot Theater- Camp Super Friends assembly

Feb 17: Jazz Canvas assembly

March 24: Rick Hartman-Giant Toy presentation assembly and family night workshop from 6:30-7:45 pm

May 25: 5th Ave Theater assembly “Free Boy: A True story of slave and master”

-Bingo/Pizza night will happen this year! Looking at dates in Jan/Feb

-Directory complete and will be handed out before Thanksgiving break

*Funded and put together by PTO

-F-stop coffee pop up on Day Rd-mention you are a wilkes family and 10% of your purchase goes to PTO on Nov 22

-Family Martial Arts will be giving a portion of proceeds to Wilkes PTO-more info on this soon

Teacher Grants funded by PTO: see attached hand out for details

-Motion to approve funds -Ann Browning, motion seconded- Patricia Intahar, no one in the room opposed, all in favor, motion for teacher grants passed.


Treasurer Report-Ann Browning

-PTO budget posted at school, available for all parents to see

-Plan budget for following year in the spring

-The auction funds the entire PTO budget

-PTO budget funds most of the “extras” at our school.  It is the largest “pot” of funds that the principal can use to fund things for the school. Building Fund, BSF professional development, and BSF interventional materials are the other areas for funds.


Auction Update-Janel Drugge

-Sign up sheets for helping with the auction distributed, more information about how the auction works and how each parent can help will be discussed at the December PTO meeting.

-Biggest and only fundraiser for our school

-Everyone can be an ambassador for the auction

-Everyone can help in some way (time, money, sponsor, donation, talent)

MARCH 11, 2017-KIANA LODGE **mark your calendar now****

Next Auction meeting Jan 19th 9:00 everyone welcome!


Next PTO Meeting:

Friday, December 9th at 9:00 am in the library