PTO Meeting minutes for Oct 7, 2016

In Attendance: Lindsay Browning, Amii Pratt, Lisa Kastner, Alicia Bye,  Janel Drugge, Mei Zhou, Katie Wilson, Teresa Yette, Rayna Labine, Ann Browning, Susan Korel, Amanda Grossman, Karen Walker, Barb Kittell, Honora Gerbeck, Kelly Cancialosi, Sirisha Jain, Patricia Intihar


President Report-Lindsay Browning

-Oct 6, 2016 PTOCC meeting overview: difficulty in hiring new teachers in our district (pay, competitive districts nearby, cost of living on BI, limited number of teachers available).  Bainbridge Schools Foundation (BSF) will continue to follow this and work on ways to bring teachers to our schools.  BSF click a thon to start soon.

-Parking lot, pick up and drop off details reviewed: no stopping in the drop off and pick up line unless you are actually dropping off or picking up.  No stopping or standing. Keep the line moving.

-Potential for having a link to trusted babysitters on Facebook.  Will check into legal issues regarding such a list.

-Harvest Fair: need a chair and volunteers- Lisa Kastner, Katie Wilson, and Rayna Labine to coordinate dates and harvest fair (possible Nov 7 or 10), also Harvest Fair will be the kick off to the food drive, ending in Thanksgiving! Potential for school wide goal of number of pounds, with some sort of reward if the school reaches the goal!

-Volunteer of the month: Kelly Cancialosi (for helping with organizing, shopping, and cooking for Fall PTO BBQ)

-Potential for Levy on upcoming ballot-to help with technology and building management

-Need for more clear volunteer opportunity requests (Lindsay and Amanda to discuss further).

-Sarah Mann possibly working on Wilkes PTO website along with auction website

Open committee positions: Box tops/escripts/amazon, Harvest Fair (Lisa Kastner, Katie Wilson, Rayna Labine), Emergency prep, Yearbook, Bingo Night (Lindsay Browning, Janel Drugge)


BISD Superintendent Listening Tour– Dr. Peter Bang-Knudsen

-Introductions-Peter has children in BISD now, and he attended Wilkes Elementary, feels that Wilkes has a very collaborative staff, he is meeting with the school community from teachers to bus drivers to parents.  Can schedule 15 min one-on-one meeting with him by contacting his administrative assistant, Lani Chaffee @


-Parent opinions about what is working/what you like about the school-great schools on BI, great atmosphere within the school, STEM, systems in place, open and collaborative, recourses available, art department and art docent program, teachers invested in students.

-Parent opinions about areas for improvement within the schools- bus rides too long, diversity awareness program needed, healthier options for school lunches, increase the length of recess, “road map” for technology needed, desire for whole community book to read so we are all on the same page.

-Advice from Parents: getting off to a great start by bringing the community together and listening.  Refreshing that our superintendent has children in the schools, good tone set with building leaders, positive and cohesive feel throughout the schools.


-Four C’s: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking

-Recommended reads: Brain Rules by John Medina

-Jan 26th, 2017: 4:30-5:30 community wide presentation about what was found in the listening tour.

Principal Update: Amii Pratt

-Earthquake drill scheduled for Nov 14th from 1:30-4:30. No students will be at school for the drill (Parent volunteers needed- so far, Amanda G, Kelly C, Rayna L, and Susan K are interested).  School wide Earthquake drill during school Nov 15th with students

-Unity Day (Oct 19th), bracelets for all students.

-School Improvement plan (every fall) going on now.  Plan due Oct 28th.

-Lock down drill scheduled for 12 Oct during school-goal is to practice these drills so that they do not scare students, and practice just like fire drills so that there is a clear plan in place for what to do.


School Counselor-Sue Constan

-New to Wilkes, intern at Sakai, worked with grades 1-12, now at Wilkes focus on grades prek-4.

-Guidance lessons (problem solving-Kelso’s choice, mindfulness, emotional management)

-Always know that parents and kids can talk to counselor.  Principal and Counselor meet every Monday

-Positive discipline book group with Peggy Koivu available to parents at Wilkes.  Limited to 20 people per session, 2 sessions. First session Oct 25.


Auction update: Alicia Bye

Next meetings for Auction: Oct 19, Nov 17, Dec 8 all meetings will take place at noon

Updated positions:


Speaker-Lindsay                                                         Slideshow: (OPEN)

Liaison with Auctioneer- Lindsay                              Printing: Amanda

Admin for RSA- Lindsay/Megan                               Check in/check out: Sarah A

Coordinator- Alicia/Lindsay                                       Post Auction letters: Megan

Email- Lindsay/Alicia                                                 Thank you letters: Lisa

Publicity and Graphics-Courtney                               Sponsorship: Lucania?

Volunteer Coordinator-Janel                                      Merchant service: Ann

Kiana and Table assignments- Cathy                          Procurement-Nicole, Alicia

Reconciliation after auction: (OPEN)                         Catalog-Megan, Alicia, All

Dessert Dash (OPEN)                                                 Boys/Girls club coordinator: Kelly

Teacher Experiences-Marissa and Kelly                     Teacher coordinator night of

Book Baskets-Lisa

Art Projects- Patricia, Karen                                       Foam boards –Lisa, All