September 2016


Attendees: Lindsay, Alicia, Amanda,
1) Lindsay – a) Auction Discussion – sole fundraiser for the school; funds support many items in the classrooms, school supplies, field trips, 100% of funds stay at Wilkes, PTO cannot fund people; b) Bus routes are being worked out, please be patient
2) Mairead Shutt (BSF Executive Director) discussed items that BSF funds – STEM Lab, BSF can fund people
3) Amii Pratt – a) inside look at the inner workings of the school, passed out her weekly staff bulletin, discussed leadership meeting monthly and passed out minutes from last meeting (would like parent reps for each grade at meetings), b) discussed research around homework, discussed “Wilkes Cares” campaign (the school’s core values); c) discussed school wide writing initiative to align the writing curriculum among grade levels, d) passed out instructional calendar which is Amii’s plan for the school year, e) discussed tech allocation – PTO funds of $25,000 allowed for 60 additional Chrome books to be purchased; tech levy coming up for vote soon
4) PTO BBQ from 5pm-7pm –  September 30 at Fay Bainbridge Park (replaces Bingo night), parents please supervise your children at the BBQ (this is not a drop off event); discussed events in general and the need for parent volunteers at the PTO level)
5) Discussion around keeping Harvest Fair – if we do it, would like to use more things than veggies e.g. pine cones, twigs, rocks, etc. Should be done by the children and not parents.
6) There are several open PTO committee positions
7) PTO funds teacher grants for items the teachers need for their classrooms
8) Amii also discussed CAST (Collaborative Academic Support Team) which makes sure all children at Wilkes are on the right track and not falling through the cracks and Unity Day (anti bullying campaign – wear orange!)